Profactor GmbH

PROFACTOR is an Austrian research company located in Steyr and focuses on developing new methods for integrated production technologies. The technological focus is on functional surface and nanostructures, robotics, machine vision. About 80 scientists of various disciplines conduct research to improve the competitiveness of the production industry and to strengthen the Austrian and European industry.

 PROFACTOR is conducting the whole range from basic research to applied research. By establishing strategic partnerships with industrial partners, PROFACTOR focuses on closing the innovation gap between research results and market introduction. The collaboration with industry is an essential task for PRO and by partnering with approx. 400 companies more than 1240 projects were successfully established and finished since its foundation in 1995. 

Within the DIMAP project PROFACTOR is responsible for the project management, the coordination of dissemination and exploitation activities, the development of curing strategies and the support of in terms of inline process control and robotic arm control.



Im Stadtgut A2

4407 Steyr/Gleink, Austria

Phone: +43 7252 885-0
Fax: +43 7252 885-101