PV Nano Cell

PV Nano Cell Ltd. (PVN) envisages positioning itself to become the world leader in “inks for digital electronic printing mass production applications based on nano metal particles. SicrysTM Single Crystal nano-particles inks by PVN – are the digital conductive printing (Inkjet) enabler for mass production applications. PVN adapted nano technology to today market needs, creating a new category of large, single crystal metal particles, 70-80 nm (D50). Introducing the best mixture of properties in the market: high metal loads, high stability (chemical & physical), better properties and commercially viability quantities and pricing.

PVN is responsible for the development of the electrically conductive materials/inks.


PV Nano Cell Ltd ,

8 Hamasger st. P.O. Box 236,

2310102  Migdal Ha’Emek, Israel