Soreq NRC is an applied R&D Institute affiliated to the Israel Atomic Energy Commission. Its R&D activities include laser and electro optics, nuclear medicine, radio-pharmaceutics, non-destructive testing, crystal growth, development of innovative radiation detectors, and space components characterization and testing.

The space environment department at Soreq NRC is a national center of knowledge acting for the Israel Space Agency (ISA) since 1984. The department is internationally known for its expertise in space environmental effects on materials and electronic components, as well as space simulation techniques. The activities of the department include computer and laboratory simulation of the space environment hazards at low, medium or geostationary earth orbits; scientific and technical support for the Israeli space industry; as well as qualification of materials and electronic components for space applications. The materials group concentrate on studying interactions of  the space environment components with materials with emphasis on polymers and composites; evaluation of materials exposed in space; analysis and mitigation of materials related spacecraft anomalies; and development of novel polymers, composites and coatings for space applications.

The main tasks of Soreq are high strength polymer based ink development and characterization.

Soreq Nuclear Research Center,

Nahal Soreq,

70600 YAVNE, Israel